20 Nov 2013

One Week Girl Friend Book Review

One Week Girl Friend By Monica Murphey

To start, I can tell that this is a good Romantic book. In a very long time, I felt like I found a book which suits me so much that it didn't even take me a half day to complete it. It is a College Romance and has some drama.

One Week Girl Friend is a story of two damaged people. The first one is a guy, Andrew Callahan who is a Mr. Perfect from outside. He is amazingly good looking, rich, the Foot Ball Season's Hero, smart and doesn't involve with girls or drinks. Every girl in the place would die to go out with him. But deeper, he is burning with guilt for being the reason of his dark past.

The second one is Fable Maguire. She is twenty and is a daughter of an irresponsible mother and has a 13 year old half-brother whom she loves and takes care of like he is her own son. After school, she started working different part time jobs and finally ended up working in a busy bar near the college campus to support her brother. She has a bad popularity that she slept with half of the Foot Ball Team. That’s how Drew knows Fable.

One day, Drew waits for Fable outside the bar and asks her to act like his Girl Friend for a week. She initially declines. But, eventually accepts when she hears that he is going to pay 3000 bucks for the week. She is so worried that her brother might end up in trouble as it is going to be Thanksgiving that means Holiday week. She tells him and her mother that she has an offer to be a nanny for three kids for a week.

Finally on the Saturday of week before Thanksgiving, Drew and Fable started their 4 hour journey to Drew's place where he grew up and went to school. During the journey, they both feel so good about the each other. She promised to rescue him from any place on receiving the code word “MARSHMALLOW”. Drew’s family is small with his father and beautiful but strangely acting step mother, Adele. Drew’s father arranged for them to stay at their Guest House instead of the main house so that they could have some privacy ignoring Adele’s objection.

Drew buys an expensive dress and shoes for Fable to attend a Country Club Dinner. On the way to the dinner sitting in the back seat of the car, they both share a passionate kiss. Drew finds Fable amazing and he loves the way she gets jealous when his school friend tries to flirt with him. The next day, Fable finds Adele sniffing at their guest house when Drew was around and tells Fable that Drew is not going to stick with her as she is not his type but Adele is. Fable smells something fishy.

When Drew comes back Fable tells him about Adele’s visit and the shock she gave. His mood drifts away and tells her that it is time for her to leave. Then, she almost packs everything when he came and asks her to not to go. Next day, he takes her to lunch. They have wonderful time there and while coming back they share another passionate kiss in rain. Drew proposes to go home and have something more. As soon as they enter the guest house, they start having some intimate time and then Fable calls him “Andrew” with pleasure. But, listening to his full name, Drew just breaks the kiss and comes out of the wonderful time they were having and runs into his room and locks it. Fable chases him and starts knocking his room and crying. When he didn’t open, she finds the key somewhere and opens and finds him standing naked. Finally, they sleep together but nothing happens.

They share some intimate moments and both of them are attracted to each other so much. But, Fable feels the urge to stay away from him before it is too late as this relationship is never going to work. On Thanksgiving Day, Fable escapes to the main building in the morning. She was on phone with Owen saying “I Love You” and “I Miss You” when Adele catches him and accuses her of cheating on Drew. Adele also tells her that Saturday is Drew’s little sister Vanessa’s 2 year death anniversary. Fable never knew he had a sister and gets disappointed of his secrets. Next day, Drew takes her to cemetery and tells her he was responsible for her death by not watching her when she drowned in the swimming pool. Fable consoles him but she smells that this is not the only reason for him to be in so much darkness.

Rest of the day, they spend together in their room on the bed. Adele calls him in the evening and shouts at him for taking Fable to the cemetery and asks him to join them tomorrow as she needs him by her side at the cemetery. Drew refuses to come and hangs up. Saturday morning, Fable is determined to know the complete story and when he doesn’t say it. She starts the guessing game. By the end of it, she knows that Drew was having an affair with Adele for few years. Drew asks her if she hates him after knowing the truth. She tells him that it is not his fault for Adele molesting him. Drew feels so happy that there is someone who can take him for him accepting all his mistakes.

When Drew is pulling his car from the Garage to go back, Adele comes running and knocks on his window. Then, she drops a bomb on him that Vanessa might be his daughter not his sister. Both of them get shocked and they drive in complete silence. Finally, when Drew drops Fable at her house, he tells him that he needs some time to digest all this. Ignoring her requests to stay, he run away. Almost at mid night, she texts him Marshmallow which he receives at 2 in the morning and run to rescue her. In her apartment, they share a beautiful night together and by the time she wakes up in the morning, he is gone. He leaves her a letter in which he tells her “I Love You”. But, still have to leave. By reading the letter, tears just storm from her eyes. Reading the letter again and again, she gets the internal message of the letter, “MARSHMALLOW” by joining the first letter of each sentence. She realizes that she needs to give him some space and wait for him to come back and also that she has to concentrate on taking care of her brother, Owen.

This is what almost the story is. If I were you, I will read the book. Trust me, it is a beautiful one.

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