2 Oct 2012

Say I love you Manga review

Warning: Age restricted since manga contains profanity
Synonyms: Say I Love You, Sukitte Ii na yo
Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Feb 24, 2008 to ?
Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Hazuki, Kanae (Story & Art)
Serialization: Dessert
I have been hearing a lot about this Manga and I finally decided to try it. For people who judged this manga on how it was drawn, don't be mistaken because this manga has really nice elements.
The two main characters are complete opposites, and yet both completely endearing.
I would like to say that if you like Kimi no todoke you will absoulty enjoy this

A girl who's never made friends before and who has given up on people is suddenly befriended by the most charismatic, popular boy in school. Sure, it's very shoujo-ish, but it stands out because it's so well done. Standard "episodes" like The First Kiss and The Overnight Trip and The Interfering Playboy are treated with surprising originality and depth. It's also more mature, but the "smut" isn't gratuitous; it's refreshing reading a manga like this that isn't about the heroine accepting the hero's feelings but about the progression of their very real, romantic relationship. Early on, they start dating, and THAT'S the focus, not on all the obstacles in the way of them starting to date, as often happens (e.g. Hana Yori Dango).

The heroine is adorable--small,untidy, pretty, and awkward at times. The mangaka managed to convey her stubbornness and strength in her appearance. The hero is GORGEOUS. I often complain about male leads just not being good looking enough, but this guy was designed great. He's sparkly (the way only manga guys can be) and while he isn't muscle-bound, the mangaka managed to make him look like a sportsman, not another super-slim pretty boy you often see in these stories.

The hero and heroine are what make me love this story so much. In stories like this, usually the heroine is timid and needs to be coaxed out of her shell. Here, she's unsociable, hot-tempered, and stubborn. She's also very straightforward and insightful when it comes to people. It's refreshing having a strong heroine like her, who isn't just adorable and afraid of people, and who also isn't always putting herself in stupid,embarrassing situations she needs to be rescued from by the hero. The guy I also really like; he's very popular and charming, but also very kind, and his feelings for the girl are in the open from the start.

With regards to this particular, "loner girl" formula. It's got just the right blend of comedy, depth, and smut. I strongly suggest reading the manga if your looking for a warming story that will keep to interested till the very end. They do say nothing ventured nothing gained so pick this one up next time you have the chance.

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