22 Oct 2012

Selena Gomez plays with PAC amid ‘Believe’ tour

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had a day together Saturday in Minneapolis, and Justin’s new hamster, PAC, was the hit of the afternoon. The two singers are barely able to meet and greet each other on the fly, these days, because the many-months-long “Believe” tour is keeping Justin Bieber out of Los Angeles, where Selena is working on a new album. Hollywood Life reports the story.

It was a short, flying trip to Minnesota. Selena was spotted early in the morning leaving LAX, and then there were Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sightings in Minneapolis a few hours later. But no sighting was as cute as Selena cuddling PAC the hamster in her hands. The “Hotel Transylvania” star wore fuzzy animal print pants with boots and a black top and toque. She bonded beautifully with her man’s new, furry friend.

Justin did the introductions, to Selena and his millions of fans, via Twitter: “This is PAC the hamster my new believe tour pet I will bring him to every meet n greet.” But the meet with Selena is the most important, of course. No word so far, on exactly where Justin got the tiny pal, but likely he will show up again.

Apparently Selena flew right back, because no Selena-sightings have been reported in Milwaukee. Nor did PAC show up as Justin greeted a small, cancer-victim fan there. But likely he was warned to keep animals away.

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