15 Aug 2012

Taylor Swift pens new single on former flame... but is yet to reveal who

Conor Kennedy is no doubt desperate to stay in Taylor Swift's good books, so she doesn't write a song about him should they break up.
The cheeky 22-year-old has developed a penchant for penning autobiographical experiences into her song lyrics, most notably having debuted Dear John in 2010 after splitting from John Mayer.
And now it seems the pretty blonde has cast another ex-flame in her musical revenge net with We Are Never Ever Going To Get Back Together

Surrounded by a group of devotees who giggled at her every words, the Grammy-winner jokingly introduced the song, saying: 'So this is the new single. It's a really romantic song.'
She sarcastically added: 'It's really touching and sensitive... for my lovely ex-boyfriend.'

The lyrics to the song paint a relatively straight-forward picture that Taylor was messed around by a former flame, although no names are mentioned.
She sings: 'I remember when we broke up the first time... I've had enough because we haven't seen each other in a month. When you, said you, needed space, what?
'Then you come around again and say, "Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change."

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