9 Sep 2013

Despicable me 2 movie review

Felonious Gru is back but only this time he is unwillingly hired by the Anti-Villain League to overthrow an enemy and is tagged along with Lucy Wilde, an incredibly smart and witty fellow agent. They seek to solve crimes discovering deadly potion and the malicious grunting purple monsters that could destroy the world.

If you’re a fan of animated movies, Despicable Me 2 must be next on your ‘list of movies to watch’. I laughed every now and then all through the movie. Although the concept of ‘helplessly falling in love for a women when one doesn’t plan to’, has become really boring, but with the comedic scenes like the one where Lucy’s Lipstick taser made Gru move in such a way that your belly would be left with huge amount of laughs. The movie won’t let you think or worry about one or two characters. I have found myself left with suspense and was more worried about the minions thinking what would happen to them. The cherry on the top was their language, where they said, “Underwear” when they meant, “I swear” or “Bello” while saying “Hello”. These half a dozen teasers, crazy for Gelato and Banana, are actually my favorite ones. The disappointing part was the time where the viewer’s focus was on the villain, El Macho, a hairy-chested evil figure. His end seemed to reach too easily while I, as a viewer, was left with more expectations. But in the end, I guess happily ever after always feels good in case of cartoons and animations and so did this movie made me feel. Although it contains a weak storyline, but with all the amazing animations I believe it’s all worth watching.


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