11 Sep 2013

Emma Watson Is Set To Star In 'Your Voice In My Head'

She's been a witch, a thief and a wallflower's bestest friend, but Emma Watson's next role might be her most interesting yet: According to Deadline, the actress is set to star in the upcoming film adaptation of "Your Voice in My Head," in which she'll play a young English writer living in the U.S. and struggling with bipolar disorder.

The movie is based on Emma Forrest's book of the same name, a powerful memoir of the writer's journey through the turmoil of mental illness—and her ultimate recovery, thanks to the support of a gifted and dedicated psychiatrist. The project has been in the works since 2012, with both Emma Watson and Emily Blunt rumored to be its leading lady before Emma sealed the deal this week. (Also rumored: Stanley Tucci in the role of the wonderful shrink.)

Meanwhile, this is new territory for Emma, who pushed the limits of her good-girl image with "The Bling Ring" this year but still has yet to play a real grown-up role—and considering the content (Forrest's memoir doesn't spare any details when it comes to her struggles with cutting, bulimia and abusive relationships), we can expect to see the actress in some seriously challenging, gritty scenes. 

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