27 Sep 2013

Selena Gomez Be On Course To Be The New Face Of Versace

So much so that rumour has it that she could be in track to be the new face of Versace.
Just days after she was spotted having a private meeting with American Vogue editor Anna Wintour, she was then seen dining with Donatella Versace!

Selena was in Milan for Fashion Week last week and was seen sitting in the coveted front row at the Versace show.

And she wrote: "To be great, learn from the greatest."

This cosyness sent the rumour mill into overdrive that Selena was on her way to becoming a face for Versace.

And Italia Living think Versace and Selena would be good together, stating: "Her music thus far appeals to any any age group, her taste in style and elegance is admired by all as well..."

"Donatella Versace has to be pleased with her long time fashion house fan and new found friend."

It certainly looks like Selena is destined for big fashion things.

During her time in Milan, she was spotted at the Four Seasons Hotel with Wintour, which started rumours that she was in line for a cover shoot.

Especially after Miley Cyrus was allegedly dropped from the December Vogue cover after her salacious VMA performance.

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