20 Sep 2013

Selena Gomez Not Allowed Into Russia Because She Supports Gay Rights

While most of Europe welcomed Selena with open arms when she traveled the continent on her ‘Stars Dance’ tour, Russia was not so eager to greet her. Sel was set to perform two concerts in the former communist nation in September, but Russian officials have turned down her visa request, apparently because Selena supports gay rights. How shocking!
Selena Gomez may be America’s sweetheart, but Russia is not too fond of the 21-year-old actress and singer. Organizers for the two concerts Selena had scheduled at St. Petersburg’s Ice Palace on Sept. 23 and Moscow’s Olimiisky stadium on Sept. 25 told The Moscow Times that Russian officials denied Sel’s request to enter the country under its new anti-gay law. Read on for more details.

Selena Gomez: Russia Banned Selly For Gay Rights Stance — Concert Cancelled
Poor Selena had to cancel both of the tour stops and she is no longer going to Russia, her rep tells E! News. U.S. gay rights activist John Becker, who started a Change.org petition asking Selena to speak out for gay Russians when she performed in the country, tells E! News in a statement:

This cancellation of Selena Gomez’s visa shows that the Russian government is sensitive and on the defense, and shows that the pressure from people all around the world and the backlash against these laws is strong. They’re afraid to have someone like Selena Gomez come in and potentially use her platform to advance LGBT rights.

Wow! It’s hard to believe Russia could be afraid of innocent little Selena — especially when she is only trying to send a positive message to the world. It’s so sad that her Russian fans won’t get to see her because of this.

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