27 Sep 2013

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Continue To Be Chums

Is Selena being replaced?!
We highly doubt that, Taylor Swift was just being a supportive buddy!
The I Knew You Were Trouble singer went to support her new BFF Hailee Steinfeld at the premiere of her new flick, Romeo and Juliet this past Tuesday night.
But we started to wonder a la Carrie Bradshaw: how exactly did these two become buds?!
The Romeo and Juliet star revealed they met through a mutual famous friend:

“We met, oh my gosh, like three years ago through our mutual friend Emma Stone."

Who knew that meeting would have been the start of a beautiful friendship?
We wonder if boys are ever a topic of discussion between the two…

"Oh yeah, of course. What else is there to talk about?"

Well, you can always go to Tay-Tay for boy advice, she always knows what’s best. Just ask Selenita!
Ahh! Besties for life!!

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