5 Jun 2012

Emma Roberts Takes Her Range Rover Sport to the Nail Salon

American actress, model and singer Emma Roberts is considerably less well-known than her father, the actor Eric Robers, brother of Julia Roberts who is more famous than both of them.

Emma was recently spotted dressed in a very untidy fashion, in her Range Rover Sport, as she was going to the nail salon. It seems that celebs have really taken a liking to the Range, as pretty much any self-respecting star has (at least) one. Some even have more and they buy them to offer to their staff. Who wouldn’t want to work for a celebrity and get a Range Rover as a company car?

The big Range, as well as the Sport, have gained cult-status among Hollywood’s elite and with the new model on the horizon (launch scheduled some time this fall), there may be an abundance of ex-celeb-owned cars on the market, as everybody will definitely want the new car and will get rid of their old one.

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