5 Jun 2012

Miley Cyrus looks ready for a festival in leather boots and giant shades

She's a chameleon who can look at least five years either side of her age.
And this time Miley Cyrus opted to stay true to her teenage years.
The Hannah Montana actress dressed appropriately for her 19 years, going shopping in Hollywood wearing a playful navy polka dot mini dress.

Miley appeared to have just stumbled out of Coachella festival, with her ungroomed hair bundled atop of her head without any immaculate styling.
In keeping with the Californian weather, she also had a large pair of round sunglasses glued to her face to cover the make-up free zone.
Polishing off the outfit with comfortable footwear, Miley called upon her biker chick boots by rocking her leather buckled ankle-lengths.
While she clutched her iPhone for emergency tweeting, she carried the rest of her possessions in a chic tassel holdall.

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