2 Jun 2012

Kristen Stewart: 'I Like To Be Led'

Kristen Stewart has revealed she picks movie roles which are nothing like herself because she loves getting the chance to be “completely different”.

The ‘Twilight’ star is known for her moody surly persona and claimed that playing confident characters helps her to come out of her shell.

“I love to play characters that are so completely different to myself,” she told The Independent.

The 22 year-old, who plays a princess in latest movie offering, ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ went on to confess that despite being a huge A list star she lacks confidence. “I am so self-aware, so self-conscious.”

“There are people in life who lead the way and run after things, and then there are the observers and followers. I am one of those people; I’d be latching onto the leader,” she went on.

We are not entirely convinced that Kristen steps that far from her comfort zone for her most famous role as Bella Swan in the 'Twilight Saga'.

Brunette tomboy who is head over heels for Robert Pattinson?

Can’t be too much of a stretch for her.

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