28 Jun 2012

Kristen Stewart Admits: ‘I’m Pretentious'

Kristen sure doesn’t ever act pretentious or look pretentious. So why does she say this about herself? Read on.
Kristen Stewart stays true to herself on screen. The 22-year-old says she knows she sounds “pretentious” by revealing just how choosy she can be when picking roles like her lead in On The Road or Snow White and the Huntsman. But she has a pretty good explanation – here’s why!

“I’m not in the entertainment industry, I don’t do that,” she says. “It sounds so pretentious but it’s kind of the only way I can do that, I’m so not a performer, things need to be … things need to feel so important. That if you don’t do it you feel you’re failing everyone … that you’re depriving the world of something that really mattered to you and really affected you and it’s worth it.”

We told you that her boyfriend Robert Pattinson called himself pretentious as well — these two seem to even think alike!

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