9 Jun 2012

Sora Log Manga Review

English: Sky Log
Synonyms: Sora Log ~ Tenohira no hoshi ~
Type: Manga
Volumes: 4
Chapters: 16
Status: Finished
Published: 2008 to ?
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Authors: Mitsuki, Kako (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi

When I was bored, My friend randomly picked this Manga for me to read.  And i can't find any flaws.. ! 
The love in it is so sweet and pure it has all the shojo-manga moments in it.
I'm on hold with it right now, and i want to know what happens next.
 We have the typical airhead girl who doesn't fear anything. And on top of that she has to fall in love with the schools most dangerous guy (or that is what the rumors say) And she has this brother (who by the way suffers from major sister complex) who says that she can date anyone as long as it's not Asou-kun (the dangerous guy). 

Asou-kun started by trying to chase Hikaru (the main character) away, because if she's near him her reputation will get ruined too. But Asou-kun does it in a way that he tries to make her hate him. Which she just ignores, because she wants to be with him. 
I'm sure that if you're to Shojo, Comical or action manga/anime you'll surely like this one!

Hikaru always have her head facing towards the sky.  She loves everything about it.  She also  belongs to the Astronomy club at her school.  One day she meets a boy — a quite tall boy with bleached out blond hair w/black roots,  when she drops her phone and he picks it up for her. She hears a jingle and wondered where the sound came from.  Later that night as she went to the park to watch the skies, she remembered that sound.   She had made it there first before all the members of Higashi High School Astronomy Club.  Taken in the view of the twinkling sky, she was moved to tears.

Minato Asou
Although from afar he seems to be a rough-house delinquent who hangs out with all the wrong people, Minato, is a kind and almost timid person who doesn't like to get the people he cares about into trouble. He is a good "house-wife" as his uncle says and is interested in astronomy, just like Hikaru. He lives with his uncle at the moment as his parents are recently divorced. His sister-in-law is a beautiful opera singer who believes that he is destined to become a professional pianist and apparently will go to drastic measures to see that accomplished. He carries around a bell that is seemingly very important to him, according to his uncle

p.s. none of this i've written is spoilers, the manga will surprise you even more! ;D
The art is good not spectacular but yeah will do.
I like this shoujo.  It cute and Hikaru is just a ball of energy who looks inside of a person and not what is said about them.  Asou-kun with his stand-offish persona just want to be left alone because of the rumors that are swooning around him.  However, Hikaru is determined to know Asou and become friends with her.
I recommend this soujo.  It’s light fun reading and the characters will make you like them!  

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