24 May 2012

[# 1 Oricon DVD] Kim Hyun Joong – an international solo artist for the first time since Michael Jackson

Korea solo singer Kim Hyun Joong (25), the DVD “FIRST IMPACT” (16released on) 10006 cheonmaereul the first week of sales, 28.5 weeksDVD Date first appeared on the overall leader in the rankings. The music of a solo artist overseas to work to achieve this overall leaderMichael Jackson’s ”Michael Jackson VISION” (2010 released in January년 11) 1 year 5 months since the idea is the triumph of the second.

In this work, in November 2011 Tokyo International Forum in February 2012 Yokohama Arena concerts and performances, and making video and promotional tour in Japan imaging, etc. is given. Works include the music of a solo artist from South Korea so far has BoA ”8 Films & more” (2003 년 released in March) and other three works were obtained from the highest ranking to third place, an artist from South Korea have been obtained for the first time as leader.

Korea’s five-member group, Kim Hyun Joong SS501 (activity ofinterrupted), known as the leader of the actor, Korea drama kkotbo allmen’s yunjihu (a party and Louis) Station, ’Playful KISS’ baekseungjo of(Irie Naoki) hoyeonhae station gained popularity. B’z lyrics and songs for the first time, attracted the attention of all by providing a single ”HEAT”to be released on July 4.

DVD [Oricon] MJ leader since Kim Hyun Joong, solo overseas

Sales 16,000 copies its first week DVD “FIRST IMPACT” (25) (released in 16 days) solo singer in South Korea, Kim Hyun Joong, who appearedto lead overall in the first week with rankings DVD 5/28. It won the top spot by a solo artist comprehensive music overseas, five months a yearsince Michael Jackson ”Michael Jackson VISION” (released in November 2010), was a brilliant second in history.

This film, video recording and video and promotional tour in Japanmaking performances and Tokyo International Forum in November2011, and the performance at Yokohama Arena in February 2012. Withmusic by solo artists from South Korea, BoA the 3-position acquired in the work and three other ”8 Films & more” (released in March 2003) has become the highest ever, and winning first place as the first artist fromSouth Korea was.

Hyun Joong is known as the leader of the (dormant) group SS501 setfive of South Korea, Baek Sunjo Yoon pride of the role (or Hanazawa),of ”KISS naughty” “” Hana Yori Dango Korean drama as an actor a popular player such as the role of good performance (Naoki Irie). Be released on July 4, the single ”HEAT” attention that it has also providedthe first simultaneous · The song is B’z.

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