21 May 2012

Robert Pattinson, Scarlett Johansson to star in Hate Mail

Twilight star Robert Pattinson is reportedly set to star opposite Scarlett Johansson in Hate Mail.

The casting rumour first began at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, when producer Michael Benaroya promoted his latest project.

Benaroya himself is expected to finance Hate Mail which is projected to be made with the budget of USD 11 million, reported Aceshowbiz.

Further details of Hate Mail are still to come. It is said that it "will feature interweaving stories about several Manhattanites who encounter various iterations of hate mail and grapple with the subsequent fallout of their relationships."

It is unclear what character Pattinson and Johansson would play. It was said that Phillip Seymour Hall was also included in the cast ensemble.

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