17 May 2012

Along for the ride by Sarah Dessen Book review

Ok. This is my first book by Sarah Dessen. I have heard of her writings. Well I found it slow paced but yeah ,  a defenite read though.

Auden has major insomnia. Ever since her parents took a visit to splitsville, she doesn’t sleep during the night, choosing to drive around and drink coffee instead. Right, so Auden goes to live with her dad and his new wife for the summer. Auden is one of those people who had to group up fast because her parents act like children, and thus she’s got to take on the adult role. Anyways, while in beachtown, she decides to act like a legit teenager instead of a grown up. With a new job at her step mom’s boutique, Auden learns the ropes on how to have a normal teenage life and makes friends with Maggie and other girls and they have these awesome impromptu work dance parties. 

I really enjoyed Along For The Ride minus the baby parts. Dessen pens an interesting and engaging plot line. The tone is occasionally serious, but it never gets too heavy handed. Auden’s exploration of teen-like activities makes for an intriguing premise in addition to dealing with her family problems. Her dad is totaly selfish – i.e. he won’t take care of the baby because it’s all about him and I totally wanted to clock him in the face. 

Well there is  Eli Stock. He is a professional bike rider who isn’t quite into riding bikes any more. And he has secrets!! And he is kind!! And nice!! And athletic!! Also, a night owl, hence joining Auden on her quest to be a normal teenager. 

If you are looking for a solid contemporary read, you might as well pick up Along For The Ride. After all, I thought  Dessen perfectly delivered – an authentic heroine, family drama, a strong love interest, and tumble-into-prose.

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