15 May 2012


Bearing in mind she seems to spend nearly every waking moment bending about like a pretzel at a Pilates class, it's not often that Miley Cyrus has much free time. But being pretty passionate about dogs, she's managed to squeeze in rescuing not one but two homeless pups in the last couple of weeks.
Earlier on this month Miley rescued possibly the world's cutuest puppy after finding him abandoned outside a shopping centre in LA. Happy isn't the newest pooch to join the Cyrus family though as there's been another new addition to the pack.

Tweeting a picture to introduce her to the world, Miley said: "Meet the newest addition to our family, Mary Jane.

"I love rescuing," she added.

With five dogs to look after, we're a bit surprised that Miley has time to do anything other than pooper scoop her way to Pilates, but she seems pretty pleased with the arrangements.

"As all my dogs jumped on my face the first words out of my mouth this morning.. 'I am living my dream life'," Miley tweeted.
Those are some lucky pooches right there, nice one Miley. Plus, if all that Pilates doesn't work out, at least you'll have your rescue kennels to fall back on.

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