25 May 2012

Kim Hyun Joong secreatly takes A Fan's Letter From Behind

Aigoo........ Aint he sooooo sweet and cute!!

A video clip of Kim Hyun Joong had been posted on an online community board on the 24th titled, ‘Kim Hyun Joong taking a letter from a fan secretly from the body guards’.

The video shows exactly what’s described on the title of the post. A female fan tries to hand Kim Hyun Joong a letter and he brushed past her as if he didn’t even notice, but then he reaches out with his hand on his back so the body guards wouldn’t notice.

Kim Hyun Joong already knew that the body guards would stop her if she tried to approach him. Kim Hyun Joong smiles looking at the body guard as he takes the letter from the fan. It is both a touching and an adorable scene only Kim Hyun Joong could make it possible.

It was revealed that the clip is from the wedding of comedian Jung Joon Ha on the 20th.

Netizens commented on Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughtful gesture, “I see the reason why he’s loved so much”, “You can feel that he truly respects the fans”, “It wasn’t like he knew he was being filmed, but even so he was gentle as ever”, and many others complemented Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughtful and witty act.

Kim Hyun Joong Fan Cam on Jung Joon Ha’s wedding (Not the same clip but it does show him holding the letter in his hand in the end)

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