25 May 2012

Rupert Grint Joins Alan Rickman in CBGB!

I always find it sad when actors can’t shake off their first film, leaving them in a dulling memory with no escape. Understandably, when your first film lasted ten years and drew in some of the largest crowds in cinematic history, this process becomes that much harder. 

All three Harry Potter actors (Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint) have made some pretty surprising film choices for the next stages of their careers. While Radcliffe’s busy making horror films, and Watson’s finally embracing her natural beauty, Grint has just announced two new projects that couldn’t be more opposite.

According to Variety, the first film will also be a kind of thriller for the young wizard, I mean actor. Grint has nailed the part opposite Shia LaBeouf in his upcoming flick The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.

The story follows LaBeouf’s character (your standard protagonist) who falls in love with a young lady already head-over-heels for a mob boss. Some pretty strong rumors say that Evan Rachel Wood will play the sweetheart, while mum’s the word on what exactly Grint will be doing in this ensemble. Variety reports that rookie Fredrik Bond is set to direct the Matt Drake written script.

After that project’s completed, Grint will get real down and funky. Earlier this week we learned that Alan Rickman and his famously slow drawl will be starring in the film CBGB playing the role of Hilly Crystal, the infamous New York City club owner who started the New Wave music club scene where Blondie and The Ramones successfully played.

While it’s hard to imagine Snape in his billowing black robes and greasy hair as a cool and hip music club owner, it’s even harder imagining dorky and awkward Ron Weasley playing guitarist Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, a regular band of the club at the time.

Who knows if Grint can shake off those squeaky clean Potter robes, but I’m certainly rooting for him, both as a mob gangster and a kick-ass guitarist playing rock’n’roll. But let’s be honest; as excited as I am that Grint is spreading his wings, I’m ten times more excited that he’s joining up with Alan Rickman once more for a mini Potter reunion.

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