23 May 2012

Radcliffe for Pinocchio voice role?

Daniel Radcliffe is apparently interested in a role in Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, the filmmaker has revealed.
The Harry Potter star has approached the Mexican director "to get involved in the project", he told The Hollywood Reporter.
Guillermo, who will direct and produce the 3D film, also said that Tom Waits and Christopher Walken were on his wish list to voice one of the puppet parts, although no one has been signed yet.
The director of Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy movies had planned to hand over directing duties and only produce, but decided otherwise.
"When we originally talked about this project I was going to direct but then I said I would executive produce it. But everything with the production discussions became more and more specific and I began to realise I was getting more and more involved," he said.
Guillermo, who plans to stick to a 2014 release, said he will create a "dark, atmospheric tale" with the story of Pinocchio and his father Geppetto.

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  1. Daniel is so rich guy (Harry Potter brought hi success and money of course) that he can play in movies and be an interpreter or anything he wants just for fun)