14 May 2012

Whoa! Emma Roberts risks life and limb to shop in gigantic heels

Alright, so she might not actually be risking her life wearing these bad boys but we bet her little ankles are a little nervous!
Hollywood star Emma Roberts was snapped out and about in LA on Saturday having a much-needed catch up with some friends. Wearing skinny jeans and a cute spectacle-print top, from the ankles up Emma looked like any other relaxed Saturday shopper. Bar the fabulous minty Chanel bag, obvs.

Ankles down, Emma's style is a different story. Wearing the most poppy platforms we've seen in daylight hours for a long time, Emma strapped on fluoro sandals to give her casual look a (very big) lift. Though she might not have to run for a bus anytime soon, we still applaud Roberts for her statuesque Saturday morning heel choice. Bravo!


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