15 May 2012

Emma Roberts Walking Around Shoeless Makes Me Wonder What She’s Really All About

I’m bursting at the seams right now with all my questions about Emma Roberts. She emerged on the scene a few years ago as Julia Robert’s niece, played Cruella De Vil’s wayward niece in the not-nominated film Hotel for Dogs and then showed up at Coachella this year looking like she got dressed in a lost and found container. And now, to add mystery to already growing mystique, she got photographed this weekend walking around outside without shoes. Just socks. Probably dirty, dirty socks.

Who is Emma Roberts and what is her deal? (I hope you read that in John Stossel’s voice, because that’s how I heard it in my head.)

I thought that perhaps we can all put our heads together and try to figure this out as a team. Because, here’s the thing. She’s not famous enough to justify this weird behavior. We let Britney Spears walk around gas stations barefoot because she’s Britney Spears. But Emma Roberts barely has name recognition outside of the 12-24 year old crowd. Sure that demographic fact’s completely made up, but seriously call your parents right now and say “I just saw Emma Roberts” and let me know if they don’t respond with, “that’s nice dear, it’s always fun to run into friends from grade school.”

Do we think she just does a lot of drugs? Or is it something even more exciting?! Like she’s a Russian spy trying hard to fit it in the “Hollywood scene?”

Or less exciting, like she’s quirky? Rather than continue to concoct ridiculous Russian spy theories, I’d like to throw it out to you, our wonderful mystery-loving readers.

What do YOU think about Emma Roberts and can you decipher her deal?

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