17 May 2012

After Justin Bieber's beer revelations, his girlfriend Selena Gomez makes her own controversial move by posting gun picture on Facebook

She's a squeaky clean, Justin-Bieber-dating, Disney star who's BFFs with angelic Taylor Swift. But we knew Selena Gomez wasn't THAT sweet all the time - and she's proved us right. As she's posted a picture of herself shooting a gun at a firing range in Bulgaria.

"Releasing some stress" she wrote after uploading the picture to Facebook and Twitter. We always thought she was more of a "write it down in her pink sparkly diary" girl than "fire a massive gun" person ...
However, she was bought up in Texas, and if TV isn't lying to us, EVERYONE in Texas has a gun. Because Dallas was an actual documentary, right?

Selena's target practice took place in Bulgaria - she's there to film new movie The Getaway with Ethan Hawke.

Selena, 19, is playing a mysterious character - called "Kid" - and Ethan Hawke is a "burnt-out racing driver whose wife is kidnapped". It also stars Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight. We're not really sold yet, sorry Selena ...

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