25 Jul 2011

Emma’s Favourite Premiere Dress

Over the past decade Emma Watson has worn dresses from top fashion designers to the Harry Potter premieres, but she says the one that will always be special to her is the vintage purple gown she wore to the UK premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban.
“I’ve loved every dress I’ve worn for a premiere but probably the best is the purple dress from the 1920s. My mum and I found it in a vintage shop. It was torn but we had it repaired. The one rip we couldn’t mend we covered with a corsage. We dyed shoes to match and found vintage silk flowers for my hair. That was the first time I felt I was creating my own look so, although it wasn’t perfect by any means, that dress will always be special to me.”
Emma is comfortable in ‘vintage’ to ‘cutting edge’, but for everyday wear she likes simple.
“I love modern designers like Alberta Ferretti. And right now, I’m very big on Valentino. But for everyday wear, the items I couldn’t live without are a pair of basic black cropped trousers and a pair of ballet pumps. You can’t go wrong with those – they’re the basis of everything.”

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