10 Jul 2011

Rupert Grint Would Rather Date Queen Elizabeth Than Miley Cyrus

Poor Rupert Grint -- even his celebrity crushes are awkward. When asked which famous women he could see himself dating, his top choices were Queen Elizabeth and Juliette Lewis.

When it comes to older women, most men would probably prefer Helen Mirren, the feisty actress with a wicked sense of humor that played Queen Elizabeth, over the royal herself. But not Rupert -- he says he developed his crush on the Queen when he sat behind her at her 80th birthday party, where he discovered that she is actually "pretty foxy."

Queen Elizabeth is a stark contrast to his other celebrity crush -- while Juliette Lewis is still much older than Rupert Grint, she's much younger than Queen Elizabeth, and she has definitely led a very different lifestyle. The Scientologist rocker chick has battled drug addiction (and vampires in Dusk Till Dawn), and she's definitely known for being a wild child.

Rupert Grint's celebrity crushes probably aren't most guys' ideal, but at least his are interesting. However, Miley Cyrus might be just a bit upset to know that Grint finds the Queen and Juliette Lewis far more attractive than her -- he's said he doesn't care much for "those Disney Girls" (so don't worry, Justin Bieber -- Selena is safe from this lady-killer).

Rupert Grint hasn't been seriously dating anyone lately, and it will be interesting to see if he ever hooks up with another celebrity. He does say he gets a lot of "ginger love" like Prince Harry, so perhaps someday he too can land a leggy model (one that looks a bit like Juliette Lewis, of course).

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  1. It's weird that he fancies the queen. Isn't he supposed to be dating Georgia Groome?