23 Jul 2011



So season two of Vampire Diaries couldn't have ended more dramatically if they'd all taken their clothes off, set themselves on fire and then ran off a cliff while bursting into flames singing Hit Me Baby One More Time. We can't wait for Ian SomerhalderNina Dobrev andPaul Wesley to be back on our screens - and have a little hint as to what's in store!

Executive producer Julie Plec has shared some insider information about season three, and starts by talking about Elena and Damon's smooch at the end of season two.
"I felt like it was something that needed to happen to end Damon’s story line for the season," said Julie.
"His entire journey had been, “I’m not worthy of you” and at the end of the season, as he’s dying, she tells him, “Yes, you are; you’re worthy.”
For her to be able to show that in a sweet kiss, telling him that she likes him the way he is and he doesn’t need to change for her, I thought was really important and a really nice ending to that journey.
"Of course, in their world, the end of any journey opens up the beginning of a whole lot of drama.
"There are a lot of complicated feelings attached to that moment, the biggest being that Stefan was off saving Damon’s life while Damon was confessing, yet again, his love for his brother’s girlfriend.
"There’s going to be a sense of obligation and guilt attached to it, but Damon does what Damon’s going to do.
For now, Elena’s boyfriend is gone, possibly dead, and Damon’s there as a friend trying to help her save Stefan, and anything can happen there."
Season three of Vampire Diaries begins with Elena's very eventful 18th birthday party, and Julie's remaining pretty mysterious about whether Stefan will be back for the event.

"When we come back, no one will have heard from him," she says.
"No one will have seen him and the audience won’t know where he’s been, and what he’s going through is going to be pretty surprising."
"One of the little big moments [in the episode] is wondering what Damon gives Elena for her birthday and if Stefan makes an appearance to blow out the candles on the cake."
Will you be watching? What do you think's gonna happen?
Will Stefan come back? Will he find Elena and Damon locked in a smooch?

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