20 Jul 2011

Miley Cyrus Wakeboards, 'Loving & Living' Life

Miley Cyrus spent a long, fun and exhausting day in the water, wakeboarding. After last night's issues with a fan playing her (or her father's) music on a jukebox and becoming annoyed, Miley seemed to be in a better mood on Sunday (July 17) night.

MileyCyrusApr09Fortunately, for fans of Miley, she wanted to share her awesome day on Twitter:
Had the most amazing day! #blessed Now a hot shower and straight to sleep! Wakeboarding definitely took its toll. #headache
So, did Miley Cyrus take her own advice and go straight to sleep? Not so much; about 15 minutes later, the former Hannah Montana did put up this nice Tweet about how much she loves the water:
Dear Universe, for my next life, can I please come back as some form of marine life? Such a great day. The water makes me feel so free :)
The question here is what type of marine life Miley Cyrus should come back as. A turtle perhaps, with a harder shell so she isn't annoyed when people play her music? Maybe a whale, since they have blowholes? Maybe she would come back as a slimy sea cucumber.
Of course, it doesn't matter what type of sea creature she returns as. She is loving life now:
In such a good place right now! So happy 2 finally enjoy what I've worked so hard for :) I'm loving & living MY life! No more BS I'm #doinme (sic)
Perhaps she would be even happier if she didn't create as much of the drama as she does... see bong-gate and complaining about her fans! Miley Cyrus certainly didn't seem to be in a good place last night!

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