26 Jul 2011

Selena Gomez Taken to Hooters--Really, Justin?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went on another date on Sunday--this time in Costa Mesa, California. Justin took his sweetheart to Hooters for dinner. Really, Justin? Couldn't you have done a little bit better than that?
According to Hollywood Life, the two appeared to be enjoying a quiet chat, alone in their booth at the restaurant. But should Justin Bieber have taken Selena to a place where the main pastime is staring at girls in very skimpy outfits?
Both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appeared on stage that same evening--Justin surprising guests by showing up for the opening night of Selena's concert tour. Fans must have been thrilled to get a double dose of hot and heavy teen fever, all in the very same show.
But back to that date, it seems that a few things could have been in play here. Most likely it's that Selena is so comfortable in her own skin and with her relationship with the Biebs, that she could care less about him sneaking glances at tight tops and short shorts. It's possible, too, that Hooters was the only pace they could find that was convenient for a quick bite to eat. They do have awfully good wings, you know. And the third option is that Justin Bieber is just plain tacky, and doesn't know any better, Selena Gomez was much too polite to say anything to oppose his choice in dining options. That one, however, really doesn't seem too likely.
So what do you think? Did Justin totally bomb on selecting a place for his and Selena's date on Sunday? Or was it a mutual agreement or one of simple convenience between the two?

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