12 Jul 2011


The last round of semi-finals voting is now up in Television Without Pity’s Tubey Awards, and this one’s a doozy. Vampire Diaries has dozens more nominations – both good and not-so-good – and we’ve highlighted them all below. This round will determine which nominations make it to the Top 10 of each category, so be strategic with your voting, yeah? The finals round begins July 25th.
Vampire Diaries has single nominations in the following categories: Best Cast, Best Season Finale, Worst Season Finale, and Best Sidekick (Alaric Saltzman).

And multiple nominations in the following:
Best Single Episode – Drama: Katerina, Masquerade, The Descent, The Return, The Sun Also Rises.
Worst Single Episode – Drama: Memory Lane, Rose, The Sacrifice.
Best On-Screen Death Scene: Isobel, Jenna, Katherine kills girl on the dance floor, Mason Lockwood, Rose.
Most Ludicrous Plotline: Caroline’s memories come back and all she can say about Damon’s abuse is “You suck”; Jeremy dying, but being brought back to life and then seeing his ex-girlfriends’ ghosts; The “werepire.”
Neverending Subplot That Most Needs to be Resolved: Damon’s journey to redemption, Elena not admitting her feelings for Damon, Matt can’t decide whether to love Caroline or not.
Best “Hell Yeah!” Moment: Caroline takes down Mason, rescues the Salvatore brothers and reveals herself to her mother; Damon and Elena kiss; Elena stabs Elijah; Elena tells Stefan she doesn’t want to become a vampire and never did; Elijah kills the werewolves and saves Damon; Elijah punching his fist through Klaus’ chest cavity after calmly saying “Hello brother”; Jenna tries to kill the witch; Stefan back to being a ripper with Klaus.
Best WTF Moment: Caroline becomes a vampire, Damon breaks Jeremy’s neck, killing him; Damon rips Mason Lockwood’s heart from his chest; Elena gets stabby: first herself, and then Elijah; Elijah is killed by Klaus; Elijah wakes up after being staked; Katherine kills Caroline; The legend behind the moonstone is revealed to be a hoax, made up by Elijah and Klaus; Vicki and Anna reappear in the season finale.

Worst WTF Moment: Caroline remembers Damon controlling her and only reacts with “You suck”; Damon almost kills Jeremy; Elena gets over Damon’s attempted murder of Jeremy less than a week later; Elijah reveals a way to complete the sacrifice without Elena or Bonnie dying that he never bothered mentioning before.

Worst Pay-Off: Curse of the Sun and Moon turns out to be fake; Jenna finally learns about vampires, becomes one and gets killed.
Best Unexpected Plot Twist: Damon and Stefan trap Katherine in the cave; Jenna is turned into a vampire and killed; Jeremy is brought back from the dead and sees Vicki and Anna; Katherine kills Caroline, making her a vampire so she can deliver a message for her; Klaus and Elijah are brothers; Stefan turns back into a “ripper”; The Sun and Moon Curse is a fake.
Favorite Character: Alaric Saltzman, Caroline Forbes, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore.
Least Favorite Character: Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Matt Donovan.
Most Welcome New Character: Elijah, Katherine Pierce, Klaus.
Most Unwelcome New Character: Elijah, Klaus.
Most Wrongly Underused Character: Alaric Saltzman, Elijah, Katherine Pierce, Mason Lockwood, Rose.
Best Scene-Stealing Supporting Character: Alaric Saltzman, Caroline Forbes, Elijah, Katherine Pierce.
Most Redemptive Character in a Sucky Show: Bonnie Bennett, Stefan Salvatore.
Best Badass: Caroline Forbes, Damon Salvatore, Elijah, Katherine Pierce, Klaus.
Best Villain: Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce.
Least Villainous Villain: Damon, Elijah, Klaus, the werewolves.

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