20 Jul 2011

Selena Gomez finding love hard with Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez finds love hard, but beautiful. In her latest interview, she talks more about adult subjects than she ever has before.
It is no secret that when Selena mentions love, she is talking about Justin Bieber, her boyfriend of the last six months. But along with this relationship, she also has a love-hate relationship with Bieber's fans.
As Selena enters the last year of her teens, a visible change in the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star has taken place. Selena looks older and is carrying herself in a more mature way than her fans have seen in the past. Her relationship with Justin Bieber is a solid one and she says that love is both hard and wonderful at the same time.
"You should enjoy it and make sure the person betters you," says the enthusiastic actress-singer. Another bit of advice that Selena passes along to her fans about love is to have fun with it but to be ready for anything. Selena is dating Justin Bieber, who is known for his surprise antics, which would explain that tip of love for her fans.
The one constant problem about being in love with one of the world's most adored teenheartthrobs is the anomosity coming from some of his fans. Selena won't deny that the sting from these haters still hurts. This causes a love-hate relationship with the Internet for Selena, according to Pop Crush.
How nice if on Friday, which is Selena's actual birthday, if the haters finally give up their verbal attacks on Justin Bieber's main girl. This will act like a gift for Justin as well, as he often feels guilty that some of his fans continue to do this to someone he cares so much about.
Selena is surprisingly mature beyond her years when she talks about love. Justin's girl is not talking about butterflies in her stomach or seeing cupid flying by. She talks about the work along with the give and take it entails from a couple.

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