10 Jul 2011

Selena Gomez Talks About Her Secret Vacation With Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez was recently interviewed by Bellingham Herald and talked about her vacation with Taylor Swift. The interview basically about her new movie Monte Carlo, so lots of questions about how she relates to her 2 roles in real life. You can read the full interview at their website.
Selena does talk about at lease 2 vacations she had that stick out in her mind. One includes her new BFF Taylor. She also talks about traveling and being alone while traveling as well. It is a must read for those who are mega fans of Selena.
I am glad that she had a real interview that was about her movie, role and future. Stars hardly ever get that kind of interviews anymore. So it is nice break for her and her fans. I do wonder if she will start getting more serious interviews now that her Disney days are over? That would be good news for her, but at the same time it does mean her career is taking a new path.
Anyways, here is her quote about her 2 most memorable vacations.
There have been many. Unfortunately, I get to go to these beautiful places, but I never get to go with my friends. I’m always with my mom – which is nice, don’t get me wrong! But of course, I do want to have that one big trip with my friends. One trip I do remember in particular is going to Nashville, Tenn. During the time, I was just overwhelmed, and Taylor (Swift) was like, “You should come to Nashville.” So I got on a plane, went to Nashville for the weekend, and it was awesome. I stayed at her house and just vegged out, and it was really good for me to get away.
Another time that I remember was while I was filming ‘Monte Carlo.’ The whole cast went to Monte Carlo, and I flew out my best friend and my cousin Priscilla. Me, Katie, Leighton and my friends laid out on the beach. Even though I was working, it still felt like a good getaway.

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