26 Jul 2011

Breaking News: Taylor Swift Defies Convention, Finds Beauty in Newark, NJ

Accomplishing a feat once thought impossible, pop-country princess, Hendersonville native and America’s reigning sweetheart Taylor Swift has found beauty in long-depressed Newark, NJ.
According to a tweet, the singer — whose previous accomplishments include becoming the youngest artist ever to win a Grammy for Album of the Year — posted this afternoon reading:
So many beautiful memories from our 4 shows in Newark. Such sparkly, loud crowds! It's raining in NYC now. So pretty.
Such sentiments see Swift breaking the cycle of Garden State tourists who have long seen only staggering homicide rates and the soul-ravaging ruins of economic decimation through the salt of their own tears when visiting the troubled New Jersey city — which has spent 15 years trying to live downa 1996 TIME Magazine ranking as “The Most Dangerous City in the Nation.”
Since Swift’s track record of being super-sweet and positive is more than enough to suggest she doesn’t see beauty in homicide rates and economic decimation, fans are likely to assume the singer’s new book of beautiful memories is culled solely from sights she witness while onstage during her four nights performing at Newark’s Prudential Center last week.
And that the sparkly, loud crowds she praises are hers and not the estimated 150 protesters who gathered in the city’s downtown district Thursday afternoon to rally against unemployment, poverty, crime and taxes among the working class.
At press time, the office of Newark Mayor Cory Booker could not be reached for comment on Swift’s tweet. And in related news, the Scene could not find the time to attempt to contact the office of Newark Mayor Corey Booker.

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