9 Jul 2011

KIM HYUN JOONG - Breakdown Fansign Speeches

DaeJun [subbed video]


“Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong!

Came to Daejeon, a bit far away so I reached late, for around 15 mins, I’m sorry!

I thought I could see many local people here in Daejeon, instead I see many familiar faces that I’ve seen in Seoul~

Any Daejeon people? (Fans: Yes~~)

So my visit is meaningful~~

Because Seoul’s friends are kinda greedy so~~

Daejeon, I will visit here often~

Today’s fansign event ended, very happy to be able to see Daejeon fans~

Of course, also happy to see fans who came here from Seoul, and Busan, 大口, Gangwon-do…

Met 1 appa-level fan for the 1st time since my 1st fansign event, came here for his daughter I suppose~

Thanks for your support!

Fansign event in 大口 tomorrow, then in Busan for the day after tomorrow, although I don’t know what Daejeon’s famous snacks are,

I’ll remember to try them when I’m on my way back home~

If you can go to 大口 tomorrow, you can try their tteokbokki(spicy fried rice cake), it’s quite delicious~

For my next album, I might not promote it for a long period of time like now, estimated to be approximately 1 month~

But I sure will hold fansign events in various places!

I want to meet my fans every time I release a new album~~

The next album should be released in October, I already have the song list~

Concert will probably be held in November, or maybe December~~

Perhaps I shall hold my 1st concert in Seoul to begin my concert tour~

If I hold it in Daejeon, I’m afraid I can’t gather all fans~ hohoo

I hope everyone can attend my Seoul concert~ Thanks everyone!!”

FANSIGN @ Daegoo

KHJ: "Fansigning is over now. "

Fans shout for him to "come forward"

he moves closer to fans.

Fans shout that he is "good looking."

KHJ: "I realized that DaeGoo is really far away. I realized that it must be so hard for people to come from DaeGoo to cheer for me (at Seoul). From Seoul to here is 268km. "


KHJ: "I thank you so much for supporting me from DaeGoo.

Fan shout that "we are more thankful."

KHJ: "I also want say congratulation to the person whose birthday is today. For the students whose tests are today, they wanted me to pat their heads for luck."

Fan shouts that "he should give a pat as soon as possible."

KHJ: "They (students) should have left already."

KHJ laughs along with fans.

KHJ: "I was going to eat a delicious dish in DaeGoo before leaving but I have to go down to do a Music video for Kiss Kiss.
"Don’t expect anything, it is company related.
(cheerkoo: sorry I do not know what he means by that—maybe I missed something??)

Fans are loud but he cannot hear what they are asking…

Fans are yelling out "when he will be doing the Kiss Kiss on the stage.

KHJ: says that "I will finish up with the round for the Break Down until the end of this week, take a rest for a one week and then start the round for the Kiss Kiss song. "

KHJ: "I will be doing the round for two weeks only as he has a schedule In Japan as well as the Asia Fan meetings. Anyway, another album will be coming out in October. At that time, I will come down again with the album. Every time I have an album, I will make sure to come down and try to communicate with you all.

To the shouts of "questions about Korean fan meeting"

KHJ: says that "I already had a Korean Fan Meeting through the Showcase."

Fans shout that "he has to do it on a weekend next time."

KHJ "promises to do it on a weekend."
"I says that he will definitely do a concert on a weekend."
"I heard that it is raining so I hopes that everybody returns home safely with umbrella and with careful driving."

fans also shout "for him to go home safely."

KHJ says that "if I could I would go to Jejudo, PoHang and Kwangju but there is no place to do a fan signing in those places."

Fans shout "for him to do it at their houses."

KHJ: "When he takes a break, he hopes to travel. At that time, he will come to DaeGoo and have a dinner."
"When I take a break, I will travel through Daegoo, DaeJun, and Busan and take lots of pix and post it on the public site and tell you where I am today, etc."
" I don’t do cyworld nor tweeter. Thank you so much. "

fans shout "Kim Hyun Joong is the best/daebak"


He says that the "fan signing is officially over at this time."

"I wanted to go to Jejudo for fan signing but my schedule would not allow it, so now I am thinking about going by myself."

"I am leaving Busan after having eaten various, delicious food"
(cheerkoo: he mentions several seafood dishes and locations)

"I find Busan fans not be shy at all."

Fans seem to be shouting "do 3 gear level dance"

laughingly "you guys can see it everyday"
(cheerkoo: I think he is referring to the album).

"it has been a while since I also saw so many young friends that he needs to return to Busan often.
(Cheerkoo: maybe he is talking about little kids )

"this made me feel very cheerful."

Some fans shout that "We will show something to him"

One fan says "I will dance for him."

"I wish the best to many fans whose birthdays were today."

One fan shouts that "I has a test today."

"to those who have tests today should return home as soon as possible."
(cheerkoo: That fan sounds like the one from DaeGoo!!) T

hat same fan shouts that "I really do have to go home soon."

KHJ smiles and says that "Busan fans really are not shy at all.

He laughs and says "that it is a good thing."

When the same student yelled out something, KHJ says that "I will definitely remember her."

Audience roars with excitement.

He says that "although Busan is not raining now, I hear that Seoul ‘s “sky just opened up”.

"I wish everyone to drive home safely and not to sleep at the wheels and to make lots of stops near the gas stations if they are.

"I promise to return when the next album comes out and, in the meantime, I asks for their support on the Kiss Kiss promotion. "

"I had a good time in Busan and also had lots of delicious food."

Someone asks "when the MV is coming out?"

KHJ says that "it was not really a Music Video but that they filmed me having fun in Busan."

" Yesterday, they took a scene of eating and a soju bottle came out so that scene may be deleted. If so, please do not feel bad about it"
(cheerkoo: maybe he is saying that a scene about Busan may be deleted due to the soju bottle.)

"I thank you all for coming and for keeping the rules of decorum during the signing."

"thanks for making me feel very cheerful today."

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