22 Jul 2011

Winnie the pooh movie review

Winnie The Pooh was a very kid friendly movie with a sweet message about friendship. There isn’t a lot to be said about a classic that hasn’t already been said before. Tigger brings the comic relief, Eeyore brings the pity, Kanga brings a mother’s touch and Pooh and Christopher Robin bring the heart of friendship to each scene.When Pooh wakes up and can’t find any honey he sets off on a trip of epic proportions. Eeyore needs a tail, Owl is writing a memoir and Christopher Robin has been kidnapped by the Bacson. A big day is in store for all!
One of the wonderful things about Winnie The Pooh is that it is good old fashioned animation. Not computer graphics just hand drawn talent. It might take a lot longer but it really comes across on screen and gives you a homey classic feeling.
The movie is very short though, running at 74 minutes. It is introduced by a wonderful short called The Ballad Of Nessie which does help stretch it out and make it worth your ticket price! The short was entertaining and delivered a message that could be understood even by 3 year old.
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