12 Jul 2011

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe 'fears fans on London Tube'

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says a fear of being mobbed means he cannot travel on the London Underground.

The 21-year old actor said as a result he does not know how to use the Tube's electronic Oyster card.

He told the Radio Times there is scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where he tries to put the card though the gates instead of swiping it.

Even though it was a genuine mistake the clip was not edited out as it fitted Harry's character, he said.

"I don't take the Tube, because it can go a bit nuts, and if it goes nuts in a small space that can be a bit weird - so I don't know how to use an Oyster card," he told the magazine.

'Tripped up'
"In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix there's a shot of me and Mark Williams [Arthur Weasley] going through the gates at a Tube station and I try to put my Oyster card through the machine like it's a ticket, rather than swiping it."

Radcliffe, who has a home in London, said: "It's in the film! It makes total sense because of the character of Harry, but that was really by fluke.

"So I'm more likely to get tripped up by something like that, which to everybody else is totally normal."

The actor said of his future: "I'm never going to be as famous as I am today, or as I was a few years ago. That's all going to go away, and I'll be able to just get on with being an actor."

Stars of the Potter films were joined by thousands of fans for the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, the final Potter movie, last week.

The film is on general release on Friday.

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