20 Aug 2011

Final destination 5 movie review

Story: A bunch of friends escape death when a suspension bridge on which they are travelling collapses. Atleast they think so...For, as the mysterious coroner tells them, no one cheats on death. One by one, the survivors begin to meet their brutal end. 

Movie Review: The Final Destination films may be pure kitsch with their grotesque celebration of the carnival of death, nevertheless, they have a faithful following amongst patrons of gore. Once again, the film primarily focuses on the sundry ways death can strike. And rest assured, the more bizarre, the better....

And the fact that one of the youngsters ( Nicholas D'Agosto) is prescient and can actually foresee the tragedies hardly reduces their misery. Each member of the unfortunate group faces a gruesome and unpredictable end as screws, electrical short circuits, laser beams, factory and gym equipment and even harmless drops of water become death traps.

The death scenes have shock value and sometimes end up as funny too: black humour, you see. Often, you have to shut your eyes at the sheer bloodiness of it all. Go, test your appetite for gore. 

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