21 Aug 2011

Miley Cyrus flaunts Floyd again!

Miley Cyrus is simply obsessed with her new pup, Floyd, and she is sharing her new guy with the world—the Twitter world that is. The teen queen has been posting countless photos of her new guy on Twitter, and her fans just love it!

"Is there anything cuter than a puppy and Chanel?" Cyrus asked on Thursday, posting a photo of Floyd snoozing in a red Chanel bag. She is obviously in love with her pets, and it's the kind of love that a proud mama wants to share! Her fans are constantly tweeting her, telling her how cute her babies are!

Miley has been laying low lately, spending time with her pooches and her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. While she doesn't constantly post photos of her handsome man-friend (although her fans would not oppose to them), she has been a bit open about her personal life lately. Her fans are able to get a glimpse inside her life by her Twitter stream—and the extra cuteness of the pups is just an added bonus!

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