21 Aug 2011

Justin Bieber Dumped by Selena Gomez - Not Again?

Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break-up this weekend or is this new report like the movie "Ground Hog Day?" This report appears to never go away. New reports today are saying Selena wants a relationship where she is "just friends" with Bieber, after his immaturity has proven too much for her.
While Justin's immaturity has been a topic of conversation in the media lately, Selena on the other hand has matured at a rate 10 times faster than Justin. But the two still seem OK together.
Justin surprised Selena on Thursday when he flew to Philadelphia to see her at her latest concert tour stop. The two immediately embraced and continued to do so every chance they had, both not being able to keep their hands off each other.
This latest report comes from Metro, and it suggests that Bieber got caught texting Jasmine Villegas. It also says that Selena is not happy about Justin's choice of new friends like Chris Brown and Sean Kingston.
Metro goes on to say that while Bieber was very upset over Selena's decision, Selena isn't sitting home and weeping, as she is out with Shia LaBeouf, a more mature man of 25. Is the former Disney star is hanging up her role as playing a teen cougar?
How Selena had time to date Shia while she is away on tour is a question that should be asked. This seems almost impossible, unless LaBeouf is flying around the country meeting her? This rumor is hard to believe.
This latest news of their break-up seems like a collection of all the rumors flying around in the last few weeks, but one does see a vein of truth running through it. Selena has changed drastically, even her full young face has slimmed down unveiling an older looking and much older acting "Wizards of Waverly Place" star.
She went from teen to young woman overnight, even the way she holds herself during TV interviews says "adult." Justin is still pulling kid pranks and acting like a high school student, probably because he is! His recent T-Shirt laced with profanity on a shopping trip in LA was something a rebellious teen would wear.
His pants hanging half way down his rear-end at the "Teen Choice Awards" and flashing the crowd with his boxers as they fell further south with each step, is another incident that says he is still a kid.
While "Selena Dumping Justin Bieber" is probably just another rumor, if Selena is feeling he is too immature for her these days, most would understand this.

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