20 Aug 2011

spy kids 4 movie review

Story : Marissa (Jessica Alba), a retired spy is having the time of her life as the wife of an actor who plays a spyhunter in a television series. Although her two step kids, smart and peppy Rebecca and Cecil don't particularly love her, she knows things will be fine and the family will eventually bond together. But before they can do that, there is the mission to save the world from the evil Timekeeper which she must attend to, having being called out of retirement by the OSS, home of the greatest spies. But Marissa isn't alone this time, her kids are with her all along the adventure. 

Movie Review: Fun all the way, Spy Kids 4 not only successfully carries the franchise forward, but makes for pleasant family viewing with its fine blend of sci-fi, gizmo and gadgetry and vignettes on family values too. Of course, there are lots of things to recommend....Like, Jessica Alba who must be the most glamorous spy on board in her tights with a baby tied on to her. Or else, the talking dog-robot who spices up the proceedings with his sundry modes, attack and sentry being some of them. Like the malevolent Timekeeper and his sidekick who want to end the world by stealing time. But more than all this, it is the two spy kids, Rebecca and Cecil, who create magic with super-smartness and derring-do.

A roller-coaster ride all the way. Spy Kids 4 is an entertaining weekend watch.

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