3 Aug 2011

Selena Gomez--Music Isn't About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez says her music isn't about Justin Bieber, and some people are perceiving that to be a diss. It seems the comment came about during a backstage interview, when Selena was asked about Justin jumping on stage to sing with her during her July 24 show.
According to Hollywood Life, the interview got awkward at that point. Selena grew sort of quiet and pretty much refused to answer the question. When the interviewer pressed on with questions about Justin Bieber, and the music she sings, Selena became abrupt.
"It's not really about that," she replied. "I think it's definitely just about my tour and it's about all this hard work I've done."
Um, Selena? Have we forgotten our manners? Have we forgotten that the interviewer is asking you about the boy who is supposedly the love of your life?
Could it simply be that Selena Gomez was having a bad day or is she a bit tired of the subject of interviews turning around to the topic of Justin Bieber? Can two popular talents like them be happy in real life or are they in a sense competing with one another?
Selena Gomez is typically the epitome of grace and poise. This kind of abrupt tone in an interview is definitely not her style. Perhaps it can simply be chalked up as a case of exhaustion, raw nerves or maybe even PMS--but fans aren't going to be pleased if it happens very often.
It will be interesting to see if Justin Bieber continues popping onto stage with Selena Gomez during her concerts. If so, then fans can definitely assume her comment wasn't a diss. But if that comes to an end--one as abrupt as Selena's comment--just maybe things aren't as lovey-dovey as they seem.
What do you think?

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