5 Aug 2011

Justin Bieber Raps on Chris Brown's 'Ladies Love Me' (Video)

Is Justin Bieber trying to exchange his wholesome kid image for a bad boy persona? Possibly. After posting some skin-baring photos online, and sporting a tee-shirt decorated with expletives while shopping in an L.A. mall, JB has taken what appears to be the next logical step--rapping on Chris Brown's new single.

Yes, Justin Bieber raps on the new single, "Ladies Love Me," just released by the ultimate controversial bad boy, Chris Brown. The Biebs' rap style which you can hear on the video below, is an eclectic mix of swaggering self-aggrandizement, a Never Say Never style (and possibly Selena Gomez inspired) response to haters' negativity, an unabashed flaunting of his sexuality, and a declaration of his dedication to his music. In other words, it's a kaleidoscopic self-portrait of JB's life and personality as a work in progress.

"swaggin' i'm not braggin'/but i swear that i could rock ya' " he declares in the first verse, adding: "baby i'm not crazy,/i got swag like Patrick Schwayze/y'know them haters never phase me/that's not how my momma raised me"

In the third verse, he directly addresses one of the haters favorite targets--his "androgynous" image and his sexual orientation.

"i am incredible," JB continues, "killin this track was inevitable/i am hetero, baby you better know Jb is generally just JB look at me/no, i said look at me"

In the second to last verse, Justin just can't help displaying a little diva-esque ego that inevitably comes with the territory of being the ultimate teen idol.

"amazing," he crows, "i'm blazing. look over here, said that i'm amazing//...jb is the man, yeah he's a true."

Of course, along with that seemingly egotistical celebration of self must come an inevitable awareness that at 17, Justin Bieber is riding a self-generated whirlwind whose eventual outcome is uncertain.

"i'm busy out performing and i'm going to the top" he asserts, nevertheless realizing "I got so much to lose, so i'm steady gettin gwap./but them haters go down and we just get to watch/.../"nobody's facing, what i'm facing, set a pace, so i can race without pacing".

So, there you have it. Justin Bieber raps. Is he reinventing himself as a "bad boy?" Or is he just growing up?

What do you think?

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