6 Aug 2011

Selena Gomez loves London

Selena Gomez says London is her second home.
The 19-year-old singer-and-actress - who is dating Canadian singer Justin Bieber - loves spending time in the UK capital and is a particular fan of clothes shopping in England.
She said: "London is like my second home I'm here so much.
"I haven't had time to go shopping yet, but I love Topshop and All Saints."
Selena had to master a British accent for her role in forthcoming movie 'Monte Carlo' but she thinks she has lost the inflections she mastered now as she made the film such a long time ago.
She said: "I can't do it. We filed it over a year ago, so I do it horribly now. At the time I had two weeks of training, it was intense.
"I said, 'Mummy' a lot, and words like 'errands.' "
While Selena enjoys being in London, she misses being away from her five dogs, though she admits they can cause her problems.
She told more! magazine: "I do miss my dogs, but they get out of control sometimes. They go through all my stuff - it's like having a little brother or sister.
"And they chew up my shoes. My new All Saints boots that I bought recently - gone. And when you're crying, they don't understand why."

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