17 Aug 2011

Demi Levato opens up about Miley Cyrus

Demi Levato is known as one of Selena Gomez‘s good friends, but she has also been a friend of her former competitor Miley Cyrus. She was recently interviewed for a top 30 countdown and she talked about Miley. You can find the interview at the bottom of this post.
Demi has been known to be off and on friend with Miley since last year. But this is the first time she has really spoken on the topic. However, Demi has no harsh words about anyone-including Miley. Some of you will likely remember the brouhaha over Miley’s video mocking Demi and Selena. While all have denied that, it does seem that they are all on good terms now. We still have not heard much about those two spending time together after Demi left the center, but she has previously said that Miley and Selena both reached out to her during her stint.
What do you think about Demi opening up about Miley? I hope that all three of them can become friends, but I am not sure how possible that is. All three likely have much more in common and they could offer each other support. You know that the transition from Disney to the mainstream media must be beyond tough. So maybe they can all now make amends and work on a future friendship of support that you know that most likely need.

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