29 Aug 2011

Love in Paris for Emma Watson

Harry Potter star Emma Watson and her boyfriend Johnny Simmons were spotted going for a romantic shopping spree in Paris. The 21-year-old British actress, who is in Paris for a week along with Simmons, took walks and visited a museum and he happily joined her as she indulged some retail 
therapy, reported People magazine.
"They seem very in love, very cute. The couple spent more than 90 minutes in a boutique together, kissing," a source said.

"She did her own shopping – she knows what she likes. She picked out outfits and he made some suggestions, picking out items which she tried on in the dressing cabin, then coming to model for him," the source added.

Watson shopped for items worth USD 3,200, which included T-shirts, belts, scarves, sweaters, boots and assorted dresses.

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