6 May 2012

Emma Watson: I beautify my mother

Emma Watson does her mother's make-up for job interviews.

The British actress is a dab hand when it comes to beauty thanks to her glittering Hollywood career. Emma loves sharing her cosmetics knowledge with those closest to her.

"I love doing make-up. I did my mum's make-up for all her job interviews, and whenever my friends and I go out, I do their make-up too," she said in the latest edition of UK magazine Glamour.

"My speciality? I like quite a natural look, but I do everything, really."

Emma has revealed her tips to looking groomed, yet natural. The 22-year-old star relies on a few staple products to always look her best.

"There's such intense pressure on how I look that when I get a chance not to worry about it, I don't wear very much make-up at all. Sometimes I just get my eyelashes tinted and wear moisturiser," she explained.

"I get my eyebrows threaded at Blink in Selfridges or Fenwick. People underestimate the power of an eyebrow. I recently got my friend into pencilling hers in, which she thought was such a strange concept at first."

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