11 May 2012

Hana Kimi Manga review

English: Hana-Kimi For You in Full Blossom
Synonyms: HanaKimi, Hana Kimi, Hana-Kimi, For You in Full Blossom, Hanakimi, The Thirsty Moon, The Cage of Summer,You and Me and the May Garden, Lover's Name, The Secret
Type: Manga
Volumes: 23
Chapters: 144
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 18, 1997 to Aug 2004
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Gender Bender
Authors: Nakajo, Hisaya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume

Unless you are a fan of extremely cheesy and cliche Shoujo manga, this manga is probably NOT for you. For me, I thought it was nice, mostly because some of the characters are hilarious and several cute moments. Sometimes you’re all like, she’s so stupid! How can people not tell she’s a girl?!?! But, if you have the perserverance to read through to the end, there are some really cliche and cute scenes, as well as the weirdest comic relief ever. ^_^

Mizuki wants nothing more than to meet Izumi Sano, she idolizes him and his high jump. Only problem is he's in Japan and she's in America. What's a girl to do? Cut her hair, lie to her parents and get admitted into his all boy school abroad? Yes! What she didn't expect was to be his roommate and that he is no longer the high jumper she admires. Can she hide the fact that she’s a girl long enough to figure out the reason  he quit?

The main characters are all really well developed and even the ones that aren’t at first will get depths as the story develops. All of them have their back stories and played an individual role upon themselves. I assure you there isn't a character you will hate, unless that is their role.

Mizuki Ashiya- She is very sweet and innocent, if it weren't for those things the manga would have been way shorter. She is determined and nice to the core. The only thing to criticize about her is that she didn't strive for anything else other than meeting Sano and being with him, which hey I'm all up for romance and happily ever after but she could have had other aspirations in life. Be her own person or at least not waste her running/track talent.

Izumi Sano- He isn't perfect and I think that's why I liked him more. Even though he does act perfect. Makes it easier to sympathize. He get's angry and he's a jerk sometimes but it makes him him. The more the manga progresses we learn about his flaws which aren't so apparent in the beginning. 

Nakatsu- Hilarious expressions and internal struggle, If i could have one of these characters in real life it's be him. He truly and deeply loves Mizuki and it's not a selfish love, it's a "I want her to be happy," love. He is funny, charming and is great at sports, though a little...what's a sweeter word for dumb? What more can a girl ask for? His only fault is not being dark haired and named Sano :/

The art is nothing exceptional though the characters are drawn nicely and the humor is displayed very well not only with their words but with their matching expressions and innocent faces. No complains thus far.  I was actually surprised that Mizuki could look feminine and boyish at the same time. I have read a lot of manga and they have failed at this, so it’s worth mentioning. 

Like all gender benders it does have it's sameness with other gender benders. You see boys thinking their sexual orientation has changed because they have fallen in love with the supposed "boy."  There is also the one person who knows the "he" is actually a "she."  The "boy" dressing up as a girl for x reason and the boys surprised he looks so feminine and cute. And my all time favorite, me wondering if girls in short tight shorts really look the same as boys in short tight shorts. And if they don't which I suspect they don't, why doesn't anyone ever notice?

The only reason that this manga  is perfect is because it dragged on a bit longer than necessary. Towards the end, I felt like the mangaka was prolonging the series. That didn't stop me from reading of course.
It's a unforgettable ride! Not because it's long, even though it is, but because the characters are memorable and everyone can relate to them.  

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