5 May 2012

Its all about love by Tanveer Singh Book review

I was  in a hurry and I dint read the back of the book when i bought it.
Well its a Homo love story. I thought as I have already got it, let me read it.
I don't know how to start because if I had to say anything about this book then I would be giving away many things . Anyway the lead of the book is a straight guy but enters the Homo world for research. Its an entirely different world to him. He learns many things about the new world and so does we. 

The issues handled in the book are so delicate that my opinions about the book could have swung both ways 
Its authors like these that make us question certain issues, clear the air about many misconceptions and at the end enlighten us about the many things that are considered taboo in our society.

Well the readers might enjoy it or not. If you are really open minded, accept the facts and get on with it, then you will surely enjoy the book. If you are too concerned the other way, then just let this one go.

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