5 May 2012

Lovely complex manga review

English: Love★Com
Synonyms: Love*Com, Love Com, Lovely*Complex, Lovely★Complex, Lovely Complex Plus, Love★Com Plus
Type: Manga
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 68
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 2001 to Dec 2006
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Authors: Nakahara, Aya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsuma
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I have watched the anime yet I've read the manga cause i couldnt get enough of it, excluding a few chapters from 57 on that could not be found. I have to say, I was completely hooked. Really, I never read a lot of strictly romance. Sure this is comedy, but it has no other plot than the relationships between the characters. Usually, this style of anime could really fly off course. But Lovely Complex was really great! It's a character-driven series, and this time the characters are likable, or realistic.

Risa Koizumi, the tall girl- towering over 172 centimeters (5ft 8in)- way above the average height for a Japanese girl. Atsushi Ootani, the short guy- a mere 156 centimeters (5ft 1in)- way below the average height for a Japanese boy. The last thing these two want is to be associated with each other- their height being polar opposites. However, the two are often paired up as the class comedy duo. 

Risa has always had a bad experience with guys, due to her towering height. But during summer school, Risa falls for a tall boy named Ryouji Suzuki. Atsushi has a crush on a small girl, so the two decide to put aside their hatred, and begin help each other pursue their crushes. 

Lovely Complex has actual realism in the story, and even thought there are some cliché moments that cannot be taken apart from the shoujo genre, it's overall very enjoyable. It's funny, cute, and somewhat relatable- which I find is a very good read.

The characters are lovable.
Risa is very relatable. As a female shoujo lead, she shows a depth of realistic emotion- she, like many other girls in the world, worries about her appearances. She's funny, but relatable, which I find makes a very good shoujo lead. 
Ootani breaks the cliché rule for male shoujo leads. He is not tall, he is not the perfectly crafted bishounen. He's not the cool, cold dude who eventually warms up. He is a short, mischievous, but eventually lovable, funny male lead. I believe the main leads do a great job of setting up the comedic, yet cute feel for the series. They have great, great chemistry. Many of the side leads are also quite enjoyable and most of the characters show a great depth of emotion, making most of the characters relatable, and lovable.

Drawing Style- It's nothing stunning. But it's cute, and well-done. It's not perfect, but great. I really love Risa's comedy scene facial expressions- they really contribute to the series' comedy-
It's a good combination of comedy, romance, and a slight bit of coming-of-age emotions. It's a very enjoyable series. As long as you don't expect great drama or tragedy, it'll definately be a good series to read.

So, overall- Lovely Complex is a comedy romance. It's realistic and not overthrowed with clichéy moments. The characters are relatable and lovable- and the main leads show great chemistry. The art work is great, and as long as you don't expect drama and tragedy, it's an overall very enjoyable series. 



  1. I love Lovely Complex!!! Risa is my favorite kind of heroine. She's so weird and funny. :)
    I think I've watched this anime at least 3 times. :P

    1. Me too. I just love it. I have watched it over and over again.