5 May 2012

Vampire Knight Manga review

English: Vampire Knight
Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jul 10, 2005 to ?
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Vampire, Supernatural
Authors: Hino, Matsuri (Story & Art)
Serialization: LaLa
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Well I just couldn't let myself be silent after watching 2 season of Vampire knight anime. I decided to continue the story and started reading the manga. The story is very captivating and anyone can't let go.
Personally i feel Vampire Knights is a really good vampire story to start with. It has a sweet atmosphere and a good concept of creating a school where Vampires and Humans study in different time periods.. Coexistence of Vampires and Humans is a good thought, really nice one but as you go deep and deep into the story it getts totally messed up!!!! Its quite complicated. once you get an analogy (or you can say history or past of a character) right you are lost in cracking another one!! The recent chapters (which follow after the anime) are complicated to understand! At least for me it is!

The manga is mainly about the life of a girl named Yuki with his adoptive brother and childhood friend Zero, as well as the other main character, which is Kaname, who is actually a vampire.

The setting is the Academy created by Yuki and Zero’s adoptive father, which is a normal school on the outside and when the sun is up, but when sunset arrives, the “Night Class” goes into the academy and receives classes. The only thing here, or the main thing that separates the “Day Class” and the “Night Class” is that the day class are normal humans, while the Night Class are vampires. Yeah, vampires.

The manga could not be shoujo without the typical Love and cheesy scenes. Which this manga clearly does not miss. The relationship between Yuki and Kaname is pretty god damn serious. I mean it.

Yuki is the main heroine on this story. She is the adoptive daughter of Cross Kaien, the headmaster of Cross Academy, and the childhood friend of Kiryu Zero.  As well as a close person to Kuran Kaname, if not the closest. She is very sweet and cares deeply for her friends, and will never allow them to fall into danger’s grasp. She and Zero, being the only day class students that know that every student on the night class is a vampire, are the “Guardians”, who protect the day class students from any rampaging night class student, or just a normal vampire. Although on the outside, they are considered a Disciplinary Committee by the day class students.
That said, she is very cautious around vampires, even if they are night class students.
She forgot all of her memories of her first years, so she doesn’t know who her family is, where she comes from, or even her real “first” name.
Another relevant thing is that she is able to use Vampire Hunter Weapons Which normal humans shouldn’t be able to use, so there’s a time where she thought that her real family was a family of Vampire Hunters.

Zero is another of the main character cast in the story. He is Yuki’s childhood friend, and he came to live with her and her foster father after a vampire, something quite normal since it was a family of vampire hunters, killed his family.
Zero has a deep hate towards vampires, be it because he was raised to hate them as a vampire hunter, or the personal hate since a vampire killed his whole family in one night.
He is really close to Yuki, being friends since childhood. Zero is also known as a rampaging disaster, and the only person who is able to calm him down at due time is Yuki.
Zero has a good technique with the Bloody Rose, which is a gun passed down between the best vampire hunter families for generations.
Zero also has this hate towards Kaname, since he feels that maybe he needs to protect Yuki from him, since he is a vampire.
Saying any more about him would spoil the complete story, so I will refrain from that.

Kaname is the third and last “Main” Character of the story. He is also a childhood friend of Yuki… well, of some sorts. Personally, I think he is WAY  Better than Zero. Yuki-wise. <———- Kaname/Yuki Fan and Enthusiast
He was the one that saved Yuki the “Day her Memories Started”, from a vampire who tried to kill her, and brought her into the house of her current stepfather, Cross Kaien.
He is the president of the dormitory in which the night class students are staying, and helps maintain all types of order in the dorm, as well as making sure no vampire means any harm towards the day class students. He is quiet and mysterious, and always seems to have a plan or some sort of ace under his sleeve.
He really likes Yuki, to the point of protecting her against the whole night class.

The story keeps a nice and clean pace, turning wild and fast when it needs to be, which creates a really good atmosphere and keeps the reader in a good mood to continue reading.

Personally, I found the story to be very attracting from the moment I read “Vampire” on its title. I’m a big vampire fan
The story develops the characters in a real skilled way, explaining everything at the recommended pace, which makes it enjoyable, and connect with the characters.

The story is a lot more than just the typical Vampire romance story. Well, it is a vampire story which romance as one of the main issues of it, but it has many other twists. For example revenge and family, Hell, it even has politics.

Well, that pretty much covers it without spoiling it. A real good advice coming from me: If you like this kind of stories, then you HAVE to read this one. You definitely won’t regret it.


  1. omg whene did zero and yuki kiss?? what chapter?

    1. They almost kiss in chapter 24 pages 29-31
      And if you are asking about the picture in the review, well yeah that is the time when they actually had a real kiss that is in chapter 46 page 24.

  2. I'm at a point where I got really depressed because I saw that apparently Kaname loved that other woman (the one who was cloaked, who gave her blood for the anti vampire weapons to be made)and this depressed me to no end. Because I'm thoroughly pro Yuki-Kaname and it just killed me to think that maybe he doesn't love Yuki, and only loves the other woman. So I haven't gone back to it since- I was wondering if you know whether he actually loves Yuki or not and whether I won;t be disappointed if I read it further in that respect?

  3. Hi...

    Well I understand what you feel...I also get disappointed when My favorite characters doesn't have a happy ending. But this time I am for Yuki-Zero side so I am still following the manga. Anyway...regarding Yuki and Kaname..it has not yet been revealed that Kaname actually loved Yuki or Cloaked woman. Its still a question mark. As far as the story.... Yuki is still on her way to stop Kaname and Zero is accompanying her. What I actually think is... Even though Kaname loves Yuki... Yuki just thinks that she belongs to Kaname because of her past and who she is...but I actually think that Yuki likes zero deep inside. Well..Zero obviously still likes her.